15% off of all 420 related products from 4:20 - 5:20 PM every Friday!

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Water pipes and a tobacco pipe (A.K.A Bongs and a bowl)

Denver Vapor Has Gone Hybrid

Visit us for the 420 hour every Friday.

We've decided to immerse ourselves into the world of cannabis and it's related products. Now at Denver Vapor, 420 related merchandise!

Not only have we become a provider of home-blown glass and other relative accessories but we're offering 15% off of all of these products between the hours of 4:20-5:20p every Friday!

We're all about satisfying the communities needs and that extends so much further than a bottle of juice or a battery to keep you charged up.

We care about our neighbors & friends. So we're aiming to be your 'One stop Vape Shop'

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We care about our neighbors & friends. So we're aiming to be your 'One stop Vape Shop'


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What are people saying about us?

"I will be completely honest - This business was so much better than expected it is not even funny. Their selection of premium vape juices is impressive, in and of itself, but the customer service is stunning."

- James

"Amazing prices/deals, very cool vibe in shop. Every employee is so knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have"

- Mark

"Cool atmosphere, excellent service, and great deals."

- Lee

"Service never fails. Never once have I been there and didn't feel welcome."

- Kirby

"It's my new neighborhood store and so far loving it. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and some cool stuff I haven't seen anywhere else" 

- Brad

"I've been shopping here since they opened and they've always treated me so well and have the best prices in town. I'd like to thank Miles and Jerry especially for their help yesterday. But the whole crew rocks and it's the only vapor shop to go to in Denver."

- Paul